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House District 93

Population 48,621

56.1% Male

43.9% Female

51.6% Black

34.8% White

2.1% Asian

0.5% Native American

0.0% Pacific Islander

Highschool Graduation Rate 83.2%

College Graduation Rate 36.7%

District 93 is the Economic Engine of New Orleans

District 93 is the Economic Engine of Louisiana

If we don't solve the crime problem,
nothing else matters!

Making District 93 Safer, Cleaner, More Prosperous

Combatting Crime

Quality of Life

Economic Development

  • More Police On the Street - Funding Already Exists 

  • Permanent State Police Troop in the French Quarter

  • State Takeover of the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office

  • Police Enforcement of the City Code (Vandalism, Obstructing Public Passage, and Pan Handling)

  • Move the Homeless Off the Street

  • Fund Solutions to Expand Rehab Centers, Mental Health Availability, and Develop Pathways to Stability in New Orleans.


  • Eliminate Personal Income Tax and Inventory Tax

  • Slash Red Tape

  • Unleash the Economic Engines of District 93 (Port, Rail, Intermodal, Hospitality Industry, the Central Business District, and Small Business)

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